What is Asinca?

The Association of Independent Engineering and Architecture Companies of Catalonia ASINCA is the benchmark for work associations in Catalonia as it groups together the most important companies in the industry. ASINCA has become the primary organisation for the facilitation of communication at the disposal of public administrations in the architecture and engineering sector.

The companies which form ASINCA have played a significant role in the process of transforming and modernising the substantial infrastructure in Catalonia and the rest of the nation. Several large-scale projects such as high-speed rail, airports, studies into environmental impact, motorways, and large hospitals have received ASINCA’s seal of approval.

The new economic reality currently being experienced by western countries has been an opportunity for ASINCA’s companies, the majority of which have increased their commitment to internationalisation. The experience gained from the transformation of Spain has meant that throughout the world our companies have much greater value.

ASINCA is organised into five large fields in the form of committees, in which any of our companies may participate.

  • Civil Work
  • Building and urban planning
  • Sustainability
  • Technological services, industry and energy
  • Internationalisation

Currently operating in over 70 countries

The companies in ASINCA currently operate in over 70 countries, the most noteworthy

of which are Brazil, Colombia, India, Morocco, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Chile, and


We are currently undertaking the following projects:

–       Transport Engineering: railways, underground metros, roads, motorways, airports,

ports, trams, etc.

–       Construction and Urban Planning: schools, housing, hospitals, prisons, industrial

estates, etc.

–       Hydraulic Infrastructure and Water Management: water treatment plants, water

purification, desalination plants, flood management, etc.

–       Sustainability: studies into environmental impact, waste plants, studies into

climate change, working towards greater energy efficiency, etc.

–       Technology Services: smart cities, biotechnology, etc.

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