Asinca is part of

  • Foment del Treball Nacional [National Labour Development], the first and most important association in Catalonia (ASINCA has members on its board of directors, we are vice-chairmen of the commission of infrastructures and vowels of the commission of environment).
  • PIMEC (ASINCA has members on the agro-alimentary, tourism, and energy committees).
  • Federació d’Indústria i de la Construcció (FECOCAT) [The Catalan Industry and Construction Federation].
  • Tribunal Arbitral Técnico de Cataluña (TATC) [Technical Arbitration Tribunal of Catalonia].
  • Cercle d’Infraestructures [Circle of Infrastructures].
  • Barcelona City Council’s Municipal Board of Environment.
  • Barcelona Chamber of Commerce’s Environment Committee.
  • Contracting table of the city council of Barcelona.

Collaboration agreements with:

–       Col·legi d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya (EIC) [The Association of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia].

–       Associació de Consultors d’Instal·lacions (ACI) [The Association of Facilities Consultants].

–       Institut Català de l’Energia (ICAEN) [The Catalan Energy Institute].

–       Clúster d’Eficiència Energètica de Catalunya  (CEEC) [The Energy Efficiency Association of Catalonia].

–       Associació Catalana de Facility Management  (ACFM) [Catalan Association of Facility Management].

–       Enginyers BCN [BCN engineers].