ACA manager announces the public company has restored its investment capacity at ASINCA Tribuna meeting

At a meeting of The Association of Independent Engineering and Consultancy Companies of Catalonia (ASINCA) in Barcelona, the manager of the Catalan Water Agency (ACA), Jordi Agusti, gave a presentation on ACA’s current financial situation and its economic provisions for the future.
Agusti announced that by the end of 2016 ACA’s accumulated debt is expected to be €429m, a figure which vastly differs from the €1.388bn debt which the ACA faced at the end of 2010. Agustí also added that: “in 6 years the debt has reduced by 70% and this will allow us, between 2017 and 2018, to progressively recover our investment capacity and the ability to implement the measures necessary in the fields of water supply, sewerage, and achieve good environmental status”.
For 2017 the current investment would be doubled, going from the €25m invested this year into an estimated €50m for the following year. “The recovery to full investment capacity will happen in 2018, when the ACA will be able to put €114m into new projects”, the ACA manager assured.